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Coffee, Tea, and CPR

Grace Ghazarian
June 12, 2016


by Grace Ghazarian

Coffee, tea, healthy treats, and...CPR?  Yes please!  

I’m Grace and I teach classes and meet students for a personal and stress-free casual CPR session at Atmalogy.  I always love seeing their expressions when they first walk in.  “I’ve never taken a CPR class at a cafe before!” is what they usually say.  

I started my business, Precious Hearts with the intent of being different in so many areas.  I’ve tailored the content that I teach over several years.  There’s just too much at stake.  It’s life and death in balance.  One of the reasons why I started teaching CPR was because my friend went to a CPR class at the hospital where she was going to deliver her first child.  She was petrified as she left the class.  She said she didn’t grasp any one thing because it was all too unfocused and complicated.  On top of everything, she was in a white-walled, florescent-lit room.  NOT. COOL.

Enter Atmalogy.

On top of being very obsessive about making sure my content is good, the environment needs to be a little calming and casual.  The subject matter is intense, so it helps to have an setting that is non-traditional and relaxing.

I enjoy teaching all levels of CPR and meeting people I would otherwise never have the opportunity to meet.  I see everyone from tweens (for babysitting) to parents, teachers, fitness instructors, and healthcare providers.

Apart from teaching at Atmalogy, I also travel all around town doing corporate trainings as well as in-home private classes.  I’ve had the opportunity to train celebrities as they prepared the welcome their first child.  

Last year, we had a request to be a part of a reality show pilot episode for a Country couple and where did we choose to shoot?  Yup.  Atmalogy.  Here’s a picture of the fun! 

Atmalogy Book Club

Jessica Bates
May 25, 2016

Hi, I’m Jessica Bates, host & organizer of the Atmalogy Book Group.

I found Atmalogy through a free business group a few years ago. Heather (Atmalogy’s owner) was in the group, too, and we kept meeting once the group ended to brainstorm and stay accountable in our own businesses. At one meeting, she mentioned wanting more regular groups that met at Atmalogy. I jumped at the chance to start a book club in this warm space. I looked down at my 7 month pregnant belly and wondered if I had time to organize a book club. Sure, of course I did. So the wheels were in motion.

The Atmalogy Book Group has met monthly since September 2014. We have a few regulars as well as some people who rotate through when they can make it, or when the book choice interests them. At times, we've had babies in tow. We are mom-friendly, breastfeeding-friendly. We are wine & beer-friendly. While many book clubs are women-only, we are not! We welcome all readers who wish to go deep into book discussions.

I am so grateful to Heather for opening up her space for us to meet. It’s such a cozy, inviting atmosphere, a perfect one for bearing your soul to strangers and friends over a warm cup of tea or a cold glass of beer.

What do we read? Fiction, mostly. What have we read? Here’s a list of what we’ve read through May 2016:

  • One Hundred Years of Solitude / Gabriel García Márquez
  • Station Eleven / Emily St. John Mandel
  • Something Wicked This Way Comes / Ray Bradbury
  • 1Q84 / Haruki Murakami
  • Foundation / Isaac Asimov
  • Eilieen / Ottessa Moshfegh
  • Parable of the Sower / Octavia Butler
  • Sula / Toni Morrison
  • Go Set a Watchman / Harper Lee
  • Island / Aldous Huxley
  • To Kill a Mockingbird / Harper Lee
  • Gilead / Marilynne Robinson
  • The Unbearable Lightness of Being / Milan Kundera
  • State of Wonder / Ann Patchett
  • Lamb: The Gospel According to Biff, Christ’s Childhood Pal / Christopher Moore
  • City of Thieves / David Benioff
  • In the Time of the Butterflies / Julia Alvarez
  • The Happiness Project / Gretchen Rubin
  • We Have Always Lived in the Castle / Shirley Jackson
  • Mama Day / Gloria Naylor

I love meeting to talk about books. I always have. I hope if you’re curious you’ll come and join us. To keep up with our meetings & book choices, email me at jessica @ OR join our Facebook group.

More about me: I’m a writer, a reader, a dog & human mother, a wife, a sister. I like yoga and pizza. I work with my husband at Red Room Software (where we make apps) when I’m not reading, mothering, or writing.

Happy reading, friends. xo


Atmalogy & Small World Yoga: Building Community

Catherine Jackson
May 18, 2016

When you walk into Atmalogy, you can expect to find house made syrups, delicious food, and unique work spaces. What you may not expect is a space to jumpstart a non-profit, conduct board meetings, and host private breakfast events. The past few years, Small World Yoga (SWY) has used the welcoming space at Atmalogy for these types of gatherings. SWY uses yoga as a channel to connect people and create community throughout Nashville. Our mission is to inspire growth, connection and possibility by increasing access to yoga. In addition to enjoying the delicious acai bowls and creative coffee options, SWY has enjoyed the warm and inviting café as a place to launch and grow our non-profit. One of our values is community. This shared value is why Atmalogy was a perfect space to launch SWY.


In 2014, we hosted a kickoff party where yoga teachers came to learn more about this idea of building community and connections through yoga. Since then, the executive director, Liz Veyhl, and others have had meetings over coffee and Yogi Yogurt Bowls to continue growing SWY. The relaxed atmosphere at Atmalogy aligns with our culture and vision. Because the café evokes that sense of community, we also chose to host the annual yoga studio owners’ breakfast before our largest fundraiser of the year, The Music City Yoga Festival. This was a time to bring together Nashville yogis and welcome them into the Small World Yoga community. The café’s welcoming, but comfortable, vibe made these breakfasts fun and meaningful for our staff and guests.

Whether you are a yoga teacher volunteering at one of our sites, a social media intern posting about an upcoming fundraiser, or the executive director sharing an idea and passion, Atmalogy provides our team a space to create, grow, and share our vision. The café is accessible for our volunteers, welcoming to our guests, and helpful for a non-profit that is still growing and evolving. In the next few weeks, you may even find one of us planning for the upcoming event, The International Day of Yoga, on June 21st! With the help of local businesses like Atmalogy, you can join us as SWY strives to build community and create meaningful connections through yoga. If you want to know more about Small World Yoga, the community classes we teach, or upcoming events, check out our Facebook page or website today!

The Study Of One's True Self

Heather Riney
May 10, 2016

As {atmalogy} just celebrated its 3rd year, it’s a perfect time to turn and reflect on the journey that brought it to life.  Ultimately, this blog will be a place to see inside these walls, into the people, events and moments that live here, often contributed by those people themselves.  But for this first post, I thought I’d share some of the writing and thoughts of mine from the years before we opened to shed a little more light onto the path that eventually resulted in atmalogy’s creation.  

May 2011

Sitting on the plane that was taking me to Zihua, Mexico, I think that part of me that knows knew.  Sitting in that little plane, I started crying.  Happy crying.  On some level, I knew what was going to happen, and I was so ready.  That place was where my pieces started coming back together.  The conversations, the people, the yoga, the 2 1/2 hour emotion-evoking & healing ayurvedic massage, the little town, the food, the thinking, the writing, the breath empowerment, the dancing, the ocean.  God that ocean.  I found myself.  I found peace.  I found this amazing, deep, real happiness.  I found it.  Holy shit!!!!!  And the last morning, the only morning I got my butt out of bed to do meditation, I got scared.  I didn’t want to go back, in every sense of what that meant.  I didn’t want to go back to the old patterns, I didn’t want to go back to that old life, I didn’t want to be who I was.  Looking back, it was such a silly thing to worry about.  When it happens, going back isn’t even an option.  Not that you don’t stumble, because you do, that’s just part of it.  But once you know, you can’t un-know. 

November 2011

I don’t have a job. 

How did this happen.  I’m not that person.  I had a 4.0 GPA in college, president of a business fraternity, offered a position at D&T (decided to go with a local firm), moving successfully along the path at a public accounting firm, then on to assistant controller at a start-up healthcare company, then financial ops, then operations.  Professional, successful, respected, great money, great clothes, great opportunities.  And I am walking away.  

 Of course it’s not as bad as it sounds, not even close actually.  But still…I don’t have a job. 

May 2012

Cafes for travelers naturally are a community.  We are all seeking.  We wear it as obviously as the backpacks we carry.  And this bonds us.  We talk, not of what we do or the weather.  We talk of what we have seen, what we have experienced, who we have met.  We know we are here now, in this same place, at this same time, for a reason.  It is not by chance that we are here.  And we don’t have to know the reason, and it’s the knowing that brings us together.  We see in those we meet there a confirmation of who we are, and the truth of what we are doing.  We share that the search in this way, for whatever reason, became the most important things in our life to do, if only for this brief time. 

July 2012

Lately I feel like I’ve been in a fog…what am I doing?  That has been a phrase that has permeated my thoughts for months now, from those last few months at my job up until these last few days.  I have written it in journals, asked my closest friends & family…it haunts me.  Most recently I find myself trying to remember what it was like before.  Before as in when I had a job, had an “identity”, had “security.”  It feels like all of it was a temporary distraction from this spotlight that has now been placed on my life.  Who am I without that reason to get out of bed every morning?  Those fires to put out, those tasks to get done.  My life was busy.  For months now, it has become more and more difficult to keep it that way.  Hours of time with nothing to think about but what am I doing, and what will happen to me.  Who I am without all of it?  And it’s terrifying.  And these past few days I have felt immobilized by that fear.  I don’t want it to all have been in vain.  Mostly I keep thinking how in the world can I be someone who tries to tell others how to lead “better” lives.  I’m still a huge mess.  So how can any of the things I want to do be successful?  Am I just a fraud?  What is real?  What do I want?  I think it’s why I want to create the business I am working on, the space that draws in others to the real reason we are here, help create more of those situations in an environment that lifts and supports and energizes.  For myself as much as others.  

Wanna know more? I think you know where to find me ☺


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